Whether it be hardware or software issues, I can help you with it all.


Upgrade hard drive
Upgrade memory
Won’t turn on
Ssd installs
Water damage
Melted casing
Hard Drive failure
Fan buzzing
Power supply screeching
Overheat crash
Garbled video
Lines crossing the screen
Dead or stuck pixels
Cracked glass


Upgrade from Windows or old Mac
Upgrade OS
Upgrade Software
Network install
Internet install
Fix buggy apps
Eliminate crashes
Setup backups
Backup recovery
Setup Windows on a Mac


Fundamental interface concepts
Windows and Mac differences
Mac and iPhone differences
Lesser known OS features
Workflow shortcuts
Alternative software
Data syncing
Backup recovery
Disk space recovery
Internet safety
Social media
Media sharing
Creative Suite
Any other Mac application

Monica Giardelli


I am on the go all the time and traveling with my macbook can sometimes take its toll on it. When that happens I simply call on the Mac Guru. He’s able to remote into my machine regularly, no matter where I am. He takes care of all the extra behind the scene geeky stuff to keep my machine running clutter free.

— Traveling Nurse —

Who Am I

I have been tinkering and repairing Macs since an early age!


Rocky Guido

Computers can be scary. Modern life expects you to know them like second nature. But the truth is,most people don’t venture beyond their web browser. You have better things to do with your life than figure out the intricacies of a computer interface. I can help you with that.

I have been tinkering and repairing Macs since an early age, but took this interest to a professional level when I became the primary Mac technican for my High School And University.Since then, everywhere I work, I earn a reputation as the go-to guy for help with Macs. Quite simply, I know what works and what doesn’t. If your Mac stops doing what you expect, I’ll have the answer for you. I’ll work tirelessly to put it back in your hands in better condition than ever.

Macs are known to work very well on their own, but so few of us really know how to use them to their full advantage. I research new applications and their features every day to push my Macs to their fullest potential. I use this experience to give you the confidence you need to make your Mac work for you.


Edward Dominich


The Mac guru was able to fix my daughters Macbook Pro in little to no time. His accurate and concise diagnosis saved me a trip to the Apple store. Its nice to have a Mac guru right around the corner.

— Marketing / Comcast —

How it Works

With today’s complex computing challenges, individuals depend on fast reliable services. I can offer you that in the comfort and convenience of your own home!

Onsite Service

(for the Miami metro Area residents)


House Call

All tutoring, software work, and hardware setup is done at your place of residence.

Veterinary IT

Got Cornerstone, Avimark or any of the IDEXX digital radiography systems? We specialize in Veterinary IT as well. Our team can provide you with the quality service that meets all your IT needs.


Any out-of-warranty hardware repairs are taken back to our facility. Turnaround depends on availability of parts. Once parts are in hand, we usually can return within 24 hours.

Remote Services

(Within the United States)


Ship It

With remote service, all installations and repairs are done remotely via USPS.

Remote assistance

Download client for Remote support assistance.
I’m a Mac | I’m a PC

Competitive Flat Rate


per hour for one hour minimum

Charged in 15 minute increments beyond that
Parts, travel, and shipping cost not included
Travel is 50¢ per mile, hourly rate does not apply

Lauren Elliott


Running a business is stressful as it can be, and when your computers go down all operations shuts down. I have been using the Mac guru for six years now to keep all my macs running, as they should. His vast knowledge of the products makes it easy and seamless to run operations. Not only do I use him for my business, but for all home devices as well.

— Attorney at law —


I’d really love to hear from you so why not drop me an email and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.


PO Box 133587 Miami, FL 33189

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